The Sacred Four


"I see within and beyond that which holds my Yuestasīa," he said. "I give of myself to you with the sum of my might, the knowledge of this alchemy and the grace of the four and four; by the permission of that which authorizes it so..." Yuestasīa heard his words. Their minds searched within one another. Dasarēan felt for her waist again. The light they shared between them allowed for her husband to communicate a greater knowledge within the light contained. Yuestasīa turned her head slightly to the left, asking that by the Kingdom of Vaera, she would be able to withstand. Dasarēan 's heat heard hers. Light and the flame permeated their very essence. Her hold of him was unyielding and were the shallow streams of light which showed forth from her eyelashes. This master reached for his wife's lips gently nudging her to face him. The iridescence began to recede. Her husband's head felt light, yet what he communicated unto her was profound. Within their knowledge, their bodies began to know even greater. Each sensation seemed to trample the far reaches of the land of their world. Every touch pressed their Vaeran flesh firmly together. Yuestasīa winced after calling for her bonded mate.

"You have-at least to a level that you, sweet one of my bonded side are too hesitant to recognize." Dasarēan held onto her lower waist with a firm grip of his right hand. "Just gaze into your husband's eyes and you shall see...I am right here at the side of she who is solely bonded to me forever," Dasarēan said. Their bodies became whole and separate, yet they had now connected with one another immensely. She watched as the barb which had adorned them before appeared different.

"Dasarēan ..." Her words carried the wave of passion. Its sound beckoned for his genteelness. Yet it was Dasarēan who had to exercise restraint. Flames ignited within his heart, smoke gathered as a shroud for them to tolerate the element which had become them. Fireworks became Dasarēan and Yuestasīa's representative, flames of adoration was the pronouncement. This master and this guided one were beyond bonded, they could only be whole within each other. The alchemy could only accept Yuestasīa and Dasarēan of the Vaeran Kingdom as husband and wife; for only each could be with the other and one other, whether Vaeran, Yīalan, Atuphratī or Vaheran-these could never be a part of or interfere with what had already been decreed. As Yuestasīa sought to gather herself and regain her scant breath, the flame poured tears, extolling the beauty of what Dasarēan and Yuestasīa had just shared. This time when she fluttered her eyelids, she was able to see Dasarēan, all of him in wholly different manner. This guided one believed that ecstasy and this new ethereal plight would soon end. However, she suddenly noticed that her husband's eyelashes had become of the same.

"Do not fear, Yuestasīa," Dasarēan whispered.

"...but I do not understand. You have shared so much with me, what is it that I, whom have not mastered-"

"...but..." Dasarēan presented a countenance of peace. Yuestasīa was comfortable as recipient, though not quite so as she was in the position to allow for light to emanate from her. Dasarēan pressed his face against hrs. he kissed her gently for her to relax as they reclined on the bed of luxurious nothingness. She began to part her mouth, Dasarēan captured it again. Yuestasīa felt herself descending and ascending all at once with her husband. This was beyond within and without of one another. This had become through the combination, the unique melding of the four. Her husband knew that for his lips to gently brush against hers, for them to exchange their warm and claiming breaths; was to provide each other the soothing relief of intimate wisdom yet to be fully consummated. As four streams of brilliance appeared from the crown of his head dividing and reaching on either side of his face; it stretched forth pulling around the back of Yuestasīa's head. She pressed her lower body further towards her bonded mate. Dasarēan sensually replied. The flame cried out for the others to witness. The enlarged leaf stood guard, shielding what most could not ever see from the view of at least one who had approached. Their hair continued to wind and flow, and soon their coifs became entangled with the light Dasarēan emanated. If Yuestasīa was to lose her breath, Dasarēan was to grant her his. Had his wife become so overwhelmed by their beautiful union, her husband was to be her strength. Had she believed that the flame was so great in might that she and her bonded one was to never see a valley within the Kingdom of Vaera again; this master would have given his command for its benevolence. Yet, soon Yuestasīa would be able to accomplish this without assistance. She pulled onto Dasarēan with the bit of her remaining strength. The flame extended itself upwards. Yuestasīa heaved. Dasarēan called for the fire to clam. It retracted to a necessary length. Yuestasīa's husband held her steady. She felt their lights reaching around either side of her face and towards her mouth. Dasarēan released his lips for only a moment, allowing the light of a heightened truth to find its repose within them both. He soon resumed his pecks, his tender caresses and his loving touch. Their entanglement became evermore engrossed and sweetly engaging. The pile of fire yelped one last time. Yuestasīa wince. Dasarēan moaned. The three elements began to encircle one another; knowing that their charges would return wholly into their presence. As Dasarēan and Yuestasīa's bodies began to separate, the flame began to unravel itself from within and around them. The light, this magnificent iridescence ,m receded form about Yuestasīa's head and into its fantastical place of origin. The mystical flame soared upwards, extending vertical until it was able to call itself back into its original form. Yuestasīa began to feel all of herself, beginning with her head and eyes. As soon as her Vaeran manifestation culminated to her hands, this guided one reached out to her husband. Her finger played against the air ethereal, wondering where her Dasarēan had gone. Suddenly, she felt the form of masculine fervor catch her fingers. She sighed.

Four Kingdoms exist in a world unknown. Special Powers imbued certain inhabitants of each of the lands with special gifts. They are the chosen. Rumour has circulated that a prophesied enemy will soon appear. A young Vaeran woman is chosen from among her people to lead them to prepare. One day when they are in the outer precincts with the chosen of her kingdom, a distinguished and capable master attempts to take her hand for himself. She resists. Yuestasīa believes this handsome man to be very powerful, but a stranger. The heavens steal her away with two other Vaerans. Dasarēan is determined to not lose her. Powers reminded him of a grave error he made in his attainment of an alchemy. He forgot his humility. These forces warn him that if he does not uncover his own balance, that he would lose Yuestasīa forever. After Dasarēan follows the instructions, he is allowed to reach for his destined bonded mate. Dasarēan arrives through the element looking glass with a guardian leaf from one of the sacred tress of their world. Dasarēan convinces her of who he is to her. Yuestasīa still questions him. He explains his mistake.

Yīalans begin their training with land and stone, conjuring and engaging in combat. They believe that they are to support the prince and princess in battle upon their return. A distinguished family from among the Yīalan chosen comprise of four. Vīalī, Xanalī, Nīahwa and Xances. Vīalī and Xanalī observe how their offspring often interact with the sacred tree of Yīala, The sacred tree sprouts a spring in which Nīahwa and Xances engage. At times their mother and father join them. Xanalī is the distant kin of Yuestasīa, but encourages his wife to understand her pivotal role in the conflict to come. The chosen of Yīala eventually are introduced to the select of the Kingdom of Vaera in the colosseum and begin to train together.

Powers beyond the known heavens recognize Dasarēan and Yuestasīa's destined bond and declared them wed. The elements of their world accompany them throughout their trek. Prince Dasarēan hopes to guide Yuestasīa of her own gifts. The master and the guided one consummate their marriage. They meet with the four elements of the expanse, including a particularly shy but powerful one they refer to as Fireball. Their escorts excuse themselves as the prince and the guided one become more acquainted with one another and their temporary abode. They travel to rest in yet another place and from here their training with their escorts as opponents begin. Yuestasīa believes that the enemy which threatens their world is nearer to her and Dasarēan . She tries to remember. Dasarēan already knows. He allows more time to pass. They both engaged Augeen and Atharīa in combat. The master and Yuestasīa noticed that Augeen and Atharīa have taken their training more seriously than expected. Yuestasīa almost dies. Their escorts convince Dasarēan to let her triumph on her own as he watches his wife appearing to drown. She overpowers the waters and takes command. Yuestasīa and Dasarēan continue to train. The enlarged leaf from one of the sacred trees of their world watches over them and befriends elements from this expanse and from below of their world. Dasarēan and Yuestasīa believe that their enemy and the enemy of the Four Kingdoms are present among them. They are taken away to another space unknown. Atharīa believes that it is a combat tactic. Augeen and the grand leaf know what happened. Everyone begins to accept who the enemy is. Atharīa 's bonded mate sent them away for their own protection. Augeen and Atharīa arrive in the center of the colosseum. The Yīalan four are aware of who they are. Atharīa reveals herself to be their enemy and begins to attack the chosen of these two kingdoms. Prince Dasarēan and Yuestasīa arrive and take the lead. The Yīalan four are able to subdue her while the Vaeran master holds sword watered and Yuestasīa holds sword flamed at the center of her forehead. It is revealed that Atharīa was Yuestasīa's mother who only sought to slaughter the other chosen to secure her access to the guided one's power.  

Patricia M. Muhammad © All rights reserved 2022-2024
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