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Patricia M. Muhammad is a multi-genre fiction author who has currently written thirty-three (33) novels spanning seven genres and the cosmos.  

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Patricia M. Muhammad's works of fiction often include multi-racial characters and interracial relationships. Her historical romance novels span from the American colonies, England, France and the Italia city-states. Patricia's mystery/detective romance novels are usually set in a past era within the United States and feature a black female detective. In January 2022, Patricia published her first sci-fi/fantasy novel, Silhouette Lost.

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Patricia M. Muhammad's first five published books are historical romance novels. Her first historical romance novel, Love Captured was inspired by her fascination of traveling abroad, her academic research and the incessant issue of racial politics. On March 6, 2021, she published her first mystery/detective romance novel, The Speakeasy Murders. She has also written science-fiction/fantasy, magical realism, epic fantasy, contemporary romance-fantasy novels. Her themes include traversing space through unknown existence and the power of the unconscious mind to access realms beyond the ordinary; as well as the viability and personification of the norm such as the sun, fire and stars as a means of ethereal elevation of a given people who live extraordinary lives. Beyond genre, Patricia writes inclusive of multi-racial lineages and interracial relationships with varying "steamy" levels. Patricia has penned a few fiction book reviews as well. She also enjoys genealogical research and landscape photography.

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