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Websites that provide free writing advice:


Day Shepard (author):  Free novel development worksheets                                    Elana Johnson:  Free printables for aspiring writers                                                                      Holly Black Writing Advice                           

Lisa Shearin Writing Advice

Masterclass: Articles and virtual classes on writing and other arts
Reedsy Writing Advice:  Article: 'How to Become a Better Writer: 20 Hacks and Tips'    Sara Rosett (mystery novelist): Free writing advice                                                                This is Writing:  Provides free writing tips
Writer's College Blog:  Writing tips and advice articles                                                    Writer's Digest


Websites that provide free publishing advice:

Helen Hart's Self-Publishing Success              IBPA:   Standards for independent and self-publishing
KDP Amazon's guide to publishing on its ebook platform
The Independent Publishing Magazine:  Publishing Advice for Self and Independently published authors                  Rick Riordan:  Advice for Writers
Query Shark:  Free advice (blog) on querying your book manuscript

Websites that provide free marketing advice:

Adazing: Free writing and marketing advice
Career Authors:  Advice about author newsletters
Michael Hartzell: List of free press release sites
Small Business Trends:  Article listing free press release sites
IngramSpark: Article on marketing your books to bookstores                                      Bookbub:  Article discussing methods to reach bestseller lists
BookBinge:  Provides free book reviews for indie/self-published and traditional authors

Websites that provide free business/financial advice for authors:

The Business of Being an Author: Tips to start and grow your writing career
Krystal Wascher: The cost of producing and audiobook
Bookhub: Article on marketing for authors

Websites that provide free ebooks:

Best Book Monkey:  Free ebooks in multiple genres (revert back to horizontal menu for other options)                                                     Book Angel                                                Discount Book Man                              Freebooksy

Main Street reads: Children's books and activities                                                                Standard eBooks:  Free and downloadable ebooks                                                               Nana Malone (author) Free and downloadable ebboks
Temi Diaz: (children's author) Free guidance books focused on self-acceptance
Neil Gaiman (fantasy/comics author): Bonus content, excerpts from audiobooks
Nora Roberts (romance author): Free short stories
Talia Hibbert (new contemporary romance author): Free ebook
Sherilee Gray (author): Free ebooks
Kevin J. Anderson (author): Free ebook
K.M. Weiland (author):  Free ebook
Louise Worthington (UK author):  So she does not give the entire book free, but if you browse her books, she offers a free chapter for each one.
Lauren Rowe:  Free ebook
Steamy Romance Books                                      The Fussy Librarian                                        

Websites that provide free goodies:

Open Culture: Free Textbooks, Free Art & Images                                                                Open Culture*: Free ebooks                            Book Goodies

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