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The stars of discernment slowed as they presented Aueneiss' body, feet first, to the counterclockwise outer layer of the wheel. These stars closest to his lower extremities ascended away and towards the prince and princess. The embodied waters extended one tide towards it, but had already transmitted what it was to do. Slowly and with great deliberation, the waters of the wheel engulfed him. As his body moved further into these waters, the other stars of discernment floated above and towards Nuraī and Thauses. Princess briefly closed her eyes. She knew what must be done and so did the (X)ūpraethī prince.

As the waters consumed Eleyanra's brother near the top of his head, he closed his eyes. This was the only control he had over his body and even this only lasted a few short moments. He thought he was to drown. He choked on water, gurgling as he kept feeling that he was to exhale his last breath. The light presented him on an estuarial stage. The prince and princess were unable to see what was happening by their natural eyes, yet they could sense what the waters were doing to Aueneiss. The enshrouded light merely held him in place for his torture. It was unlike the resplendence which encased his purported mother and

father. No, that light was that of healing and rejuvenation, of both body and knowledge.

Aueneiss, however, became imprisoned for his ignorance and would find himself in a ritual of decay. As each moment passed, he felt as though he was drowning. When these special waters filled all the cavities of his body, he was relieved that death would embrace him. However, he would soon be disappointed. Death was an easy means to end his misery. All who became acquainted with him knew he did not deserve it. Death's kin, that of torture, requested that its talents not be wasted, for Aueneiss it found a worthy candidate of its abilities. Death agreed to wait as it contemplated its due time to ravage its next offer. The wait would make Aueneiss ever more the sweet to consume. Torture walked away pleased and approached Eleyanra's brother with no sympathy. It was already determined above by the firmament and the Princess of the People of the Stars and agreed by destiny; and below the wrung of life by death that he was to undergo this process. Torture could not be merciful, for it was not its nature. It would violate its purpose for being created and it staunchly did not wish to disappoint-nor deprive itself of what it so desired.

Aueneiss regurgitated the waters. His body emptied. This time it occurred again, the waters were not so cool. He was to have his fill until water met with the fire of the wheel, which declared its right to exhibit its other purpose. When the flames first touched Aueneiss' body, they appeared mild. This was because they were detecting something from him. The tips of the blazes finally located it. It began to pull forth the millions of sparkles of black ash which Eleyanra's crown released after destroying it. Each small particle outnumbered Aueneiss' pores. He was not only to be covered in fires, but he was to be also engulfed by it. The betrayer could feel his n melting and regenerating over again. In between these two occurrences, the waters above would trickle down some of its essence as a momentary mercy. However, the flames knew its role. The waters had its time. The fire used the waters as its own weapon to further its purpose. Now Aueneiss would feel the boiling water causing multiple blisters all along his body, openings in which flames happily jumped in and out to coordinate with black ash. Of course, it had reached Aueneiss' head, preserving only his eyes. Yet, fire crept towards his inner ears, whispering its heated reminder that his misdeeds opened the door for them to gainfully enter. His lips burned off, then rejuvenated. The flames melted his fingernails, a most tortuous scene since they had become completely blackened with ash as well. There was no grace to be had on any other portion of his body. Eleyanra's brother had rather died. Yet even he had not known of the compromise between torture and death. Princess and Prince Thauses did. As destiny guided these two worthy ones, they accepted for Crowns and the higher worlds what punishment was to be meted for their prisoner. Aueneiss had now drunk of boiling water, which seared his innards and nearly caused him to split in half. When the fire of the chariot's wheel realized that death had become impatient, it called upon the waters to release itself so they neither would be found in error. It was only then that then that the waters and fires granted Aueneiss a reprieve. The waters shrank his body and from it to flame, the center of the chariot's wheel captured it. Princess and Prince Thauses looked on and thought the wheel was to explode when it heard the roaring. It had to settle Aueneiss in its proper place. When it completed its assignment, the alchemy of t of the wheel appeared balanced again. It attached itself to the chariot forcefully. The glass dragon knew its usual position, and so did the Morningstar. The Princess of Udharīa and the Prince of (X)ūpraeth were to return to her world and present Aueneiss. They believed they already knew the best manner in which to do so.

Prince Thauses and Princess Nuraī return triumphant to the Kingdom of (X)ūpraeth. Prince Thauses guides his bonded mate to reinforce the powers she uncovered using the disc and solar. The Morningstar is but a sign. The prince and princess watched as it demonstrated its new might. For this kingdom's inhabitants, it is the alternate name of the New Sun which has now regenerated this world. It is, however, primarily the new source of light that is at the command of both the prince and the princess. Members of the Star Guard announce the death of Princess Eleyanra to her mother and father, Queen Raī and King Vhileum. A royal advisor attempts to fulfill the Udharīan tradition for the firmament to acknowledge the princess' demise though there remains no body from how she was destroyed. Muraeth and Ganev maintain their posts as Queen and King-Regents they accepted when Raī and Vhileum became incapacitated by using their crowns to quell the result of a rebellion in the dungeon-prisons. The royal defender and advisor consider a special ceremony to support the rise of Eleyanra's brother, Prince Aueneiss in accepting the major duties of the Udharīan throne until Queen Raī and King Vhileum return to assume theirs. The king and queen currently lie ensconced in a protective cocoon of light each in secluded chambers of the royal palace. Within these quarters are special stars that populate the ceiling. Ganev and Muraeth are very protective of their king and queen and hope it would be they to accelerate their capable return to rule. Their trusted advisor discloses that in order to protect the future of the kingdom and the Crown itself, Muraeth and Ganev must prevent Aueneiss from ever assuming the throne. They were advised that the kingdom's prosperity to obtain a New Sun, similar to the feat performed on behalf of the Kingdom of (X)ūpraeth would be threatened if the male heir-apparent was to assume the throne. This would prove difficult as the queen and king are currently incapacitated, the princess is now deceased and the throne is his birthright. Muraeth considers Princess Nuraī of (X)ūpraeth's newly discovered lineage. It becomes the possibility that her assumption of the throne would consummate the original plan of the now deceased Princess Eleyanra. The Crowns of Udharī a and (X)ūpraeth could possibly become a dual-throne with two rightful ones holding the future reign of both kingdom-worlds. Naīphīel considers what is to be done to revive Queen Raī and King Vhileum that they may return to their rightful place on the Udharīan thrones and relieve Ganev and Muraeth of their currently assumed duties. The (X)ūpraethī queen and king are enshrouded in light, protected and watched over by the stars that hover far above. Naīphīel wears a special crown of stars which informs him. Nurai and Thauses have their own experience with a brilliant entombment. The princess is to experience light in an elevated stage. Meanwhile, Aeteshara considers what Euphranaĭ withheld from her concerning Nuraī since the disc was returned to their daughter. It was he who held onto that special disc.  Prince Aueneiss seeks his rise to the throne, yet his character is no better than Eleyanra.  He presents a small ceremony honouring his sister's death while Muraeth and Ganev, as the Crown's regents, observe him carefully. One day, Thauses, Nuraī and the Morningstar trek to Ubraeī to visit the sacred place. The encapsulated waters and solar are to learn of the regenerated sun to stabilize the New Sun of (X)ūpraeth. Nuraī's relic summons Thauses and Nuraī to Udharīa. Aueneiss betrays the Crown. Thauses and Nuraī use the disc and the Morningstar to capture humiliated Aueneiss. He receives a preparatory chastisement within one of the wheels of the mystical chariot.  He wishes to escape to the Udharīan firmament, but his death could only be imminent. The advisor wonders whether Queen Raī and King Vhileum be able to return from their ethereal slumber and assume their thrones. The question remains, will Aueneiss meet his justice and the Udharīan Crown be whole once more. Nuraī must decide whether she will accept the possible dual role of being the princess of Udharīa as well as (X)ūpraeth at her husband's, Prince Thauses' side.

❤️Sweet Romance   
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