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            "I have attended councils. I have heard the ponderings of those whom we consult in grave matters. It is not the queen nor the king who grants me hesitation in the current matter. However, if my mother and father do not believe the interests of (X)ūpraeth may be served by my leave, then I shall stay. But I must warn you that I will not accept responsibility should the kingdom decide to ally itself with Udharīa. We are our own world, we should have our own evidence," the princess said.

The king stood next to the queen who remained seated on her throne. He listened intently with great pride as to his son's through consideration. Yet, he could feel his wife, ready to refuse her son's yearning. Thauses' father had to allow his son to examine the humans for himself. Any decisions from the throne must be presented unanimously, but any lurking insurgent would seek to cause turmoil among them-and throughout the Kingdom of (X)ūpraeth. Thauses was much different than his father, who did his best to follow his father's tradition; but times had evolved, whether millennia or eons had passed, the heir to the throne had to forge his own path. The Prince sought this by seeking veracity of his own volition, then to request counsel from

those whom he trusted. His son was regal in every expected way; in manners, protocol, and

otherworldly dashing appearance. Yet, he and his reigning parents were unable to compromise as to the issue of humankind.

"To you, my son, Prince Thauses, it is with deep reluctance that I grant you this leave," the king said.

The queen exhibited obvious dismay, but did not rebut her husband's decisions. She looked down and away, but she knew her husband was right. Thauses approached the queen's throne and knelt down before her. He placed his right hand atop hers, which were folded in her lap.

"Mother, I must do this-" Thauses said.

"I know you feel that you must," the queen said.

"I will return whole and share what news I have discovered. Perhaps it will not be a long while that I tarry there. I may even be repulsed by witnessing their ways, ushering my quick return." The queen laughed quietly to her son's consolation. "Your Majesty, please take another look at your son. I wish the last moment before my departure to be a jovial one." Thauses then hugged his mother and greeted his father farewell. The king and queen, both stood on the raised platform as they watched the back of their son become the last memory for them to cherish-probably for a long while.

Three worlds exist in this higher realm. Two of them are considered to be of the higher worlds. Princess Eleyanra of Udharīa attempts to convince her mother and father, Queen Raī and King Vhileum to conquer Ubraeī, what she deems of the lesser worlds. The most trusted Udharīan advisor, Ganev, disagrees with her plans. Eleyanra attempts to have Ganev seized. The king and queen intervenes on his behalf. Queen Raī trusts her warrior-attendant, Muraeth, more than she does her own daughter, the princess. Udharīa is populated with the People of the Stars and its Crown protects and provides resources for the gifted elite, the Seekers of Light, to practice their craft. The princess has learned from them in her youth, though they were unaware of her presence while they trained and taught. Eleyanra's goal is to join the two worlds of Udharīa and (X)ūpraeth in an alliance by marrying Prince Thauses of (X)ūpraeth. His kingdom also births a select among their general populace, the Luminaries and the Curators of Iridescence; both who are known for cultivating their own special gifts. The Udharīan princess arrives, only to find that Prince Thauses is not present in that world. Instead, Eleyanra is greeted by Queen Xylīa and King Vhileum, who allow her to stay within their world though they have declared her to be an intruder.

Queen Raī and King Vhileum realizes that their daughter has absconded through her ability to whisper the secrets of the firmament. They send their two best, Ganev and Mŭraeth to locate the accessory to the treason whom she left behind. They encounter and seize a young Udharīan known as Talyra. Ganev and Muraeth are informed that Eleyanra promised Ganev's hand to Talyra in exchange for her assistance. Ganev refuses though Talyra is relentless. Ganev was always impressed with Mŭraeth, Queen Raī's attendant and protector. Muraeth realizes that she has inclined to Ganev though she had seen him many sunsets prior. An ethereal storm brews. Muraeth rides on her transport alone while Ganev has Talyra to ride with him. Muraeth saves their lives because of her knowledge of a mystical cave that would shelter them until the storm passes. Muraeth has to leave her sword at the cave's opening, but she is not without protection. She knows that Talyra sees any woman as a threat to her chances with Ganev and attempts to poison her. Muraeth has knowledge of the crystals that are embedded inside. It is here where Ganev and Muraeth erect a parapet which protects them from their prisoner's view before she awakens. They have an esoteric wedding ceremony and consummate their marriage with stars, protection and electricity encompassing them. When they return, the Udharīan Crown have them question Talyra who only confirms what they already knew. Eventually, Talyra has several prisoners rebel against their sentence. The Crown uses their powers as they sit upon their thrones to destroy them.

Princess Eleyanra is confronted by a warrior-Luminary, Inisaī. Eventually, she understands that the princess is free to roam about the (X)ūpraethī palace. Eleyanra and her Udharīan companions, however, venture beyond the confines of the royal grounds and search for natives to join her in her mission to subdue the Crown of (X)ūpraeth to agree to an alliance. One who will incline to her most is known as the son of Tamauthī who kills his father in the midst of support, stating that he would be a horrible ruler. That kingdom's queen assigns Inisaī to follow and do whatever she can to help thwart Eleyanra's plans. The princess arrives into two polities and it is not until the second one she is able to gain (X)ūpraethī subjects. People of the Sun and Light, who agree to assist her. She begins to conjure an eclipse with darkness that will only last temporarily. It weakens Luminaries who rely on the sun for their abilities. However, the Udharīan princess reveals her own powers, fires which surround all about her under a veil that only she can lift. She instructs the insurgent Luminaries to take the fires and feed their abilities from them until their plan is complete. When she relinquishes many of them, it debilitates her but does not kill her. Those Luminaries engaged in their feats fall into a slumber as a result of the eclipse and two of the esteemed, Dusarīan assist in their rehabilitation.

Prince Thauses had already heard of the princess' plans and decides to venture on a self-imposed mission to deem whether Ubraeī is worthy to be saved. When he arrives in that world, he meets Nuraī. While she is out in leisure with her mother and father, Aeteshara and Euphranaĭ. Thauses claims her as his bride and they wed within 48 hours of initial contact. The prince of (X)ūpraeth erects an enchanted, grandiose abode within her world. He shows her spectacles and attempts to guide her to her unknown powers. As husband and wife, Prince Thauses meets her parents and reclaims a disc he asserts belongs to Nuraī. Euphranaĭ and Aeteshara are displaced from their home while the prince and their daughter discover a secret that her parents withheld from her. A mystical relic is seen below the level they appear and through the reality from which they stand. Its appearance is nuanced and its wheels hint at a great alchemy...  

❤️Sweet Romance 

Patricia M. Muhammad © All rights reserved 2022-2024
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