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"They are being taken to the unseen world. These blooms have been summoned to present themselves exceeding the paradise known within the transparency..." The prince observed the river as well. Valera turned to him. The waters of the mystical bloom only encompassed the daughter of Alchean and the son of Haiverlym up to their shoulders. However, they were not bound within the confines of this watery entombment. There, Valera reached for him from the side. The prince wasted no moment to pull her closer to him from around the waist.

"...they are to prepare a way for us." His eyes were bright again. They could feel it descend slowly as it neared the surface of ethereal river within the corridor. Yet, the bloom was careful not to make contact with it while its bloom showered of waters as well. 

"The stem, it is no more. How could it not be with our obvious descent? We are being prepared for something more..." She had no expectations, but wonder. The bloom rose steadily, yet its petals were still of a watery surface. The prince and princess had only known of its two prior states. Now they had been introduced to a third, for what purpose neither had yet to know. Event he florals which strewn themselves throughout their hair had yet to disappear. But as soon as the bloom stabilized after its ascent, it proceeded down the corridor, following the path of the crystal waters which were to lead them all further away from this sanctum and into the transparency which separated the seen and the unseen. Valera searched for her next words. Her tongue failed to utter. She thought of what she and her prince recently shared. Now eve this she considered part of their preparation for something greater, possibly within the Kingdom of Uenphae. Each Rhyselīan and Valera found their most natural manner to express their adoration for one another, it seemed to be part of a ceremony. The princess and the prince's bond was too great for it not to be. Every moment became more intense, and not solely based on the tangible understanding of how Valera and Rhyselīan celebrated having each other forever. A natural desire, yes, but they were to see a matter greater within themselves that they could only cultivate with one another. The prince and princess had already partook of their coronation attended within the World of the Veiled. The Great Powers were their host, and all of which was hidden from the sight of those of the Known Kingdom. Yet, the son of Haiverlym and the daughter of Alchean could still feel that greater presence near to them. Right now, their watery shroud blended with the petals. They need not shield themselves here. The small blooms embedded in both of their hair were still present, symbolizing that they were witnesses and received the banner of a truth that not even Valera and Rhyselīan had come to fully understand. Nonetheless, once in a while, Valera would swipe her right hand through the waters. All of the small flowers were absent. They departed through their caravan which now reached their destination. It was now time for Prince Rhyselīan and Princess Valera to do the same. Their trek this time did not take long. A soon as the mystical bloom reached the precipice of the Unseen world, its watery petals receded from around Rhyselīan and Valera while their garb appeared to adorn their bodies again. The bloom remained translucent. The golden hood suddenly reappeared. Princess Valera recognized initially where they were.

"We are here, in your-"

"Our Valera, it is ours...""Our abode of the unseen world. It remains," Valera said quietly. She looked about the first sitting room. "It all appears the same. Then the princess lowered her voice. "If my father had the chance to see..." The daughter of Alchean regretted departing from her father so soon. Her presence in the intangible world easily reminded her of this. "Soon, father, I shall return." The daughter of Alchean shook her head. Although she knew her father would understand as he had always demonstrated a special patience with her; there was nothing she could o, especially right now, to compensate for the necessary time she had to be apart from him. "I will reconcile the matter soon," Valera whispered to herself, "Just as I have done before." Rhyselīan heard her, and somehow so did her father.

The Dual Crown of Neuphae seek to guide the Returned to their proper homes. Prince Rhyselīan and Princess Valera travel aboard the Mystical Bloom, entering existences beyond the boundaries of the known and the unknown. They discover the five springs first in a portrait in the ceiling of the palace of the hidden kingdom. Its thrones remain empty. The prince and princess continue on their journey through veils previously unknown. They encounter a winged creature who looks below. Its wings are made of numerous white blossoms. Some began to separate and descend towards Valera and Rhyselīan. They recognize who the rulers of the Kingdom of the Manifest and visitors of the Unseen are. The prince and princess consummate their union once more in the world of the Unseen. King Alchean is now in possession of the resealed sword and inhabits a floral shroud which first appeared while he stood on the platform of the royal palace in the Kingdom of Neuphae. He and the two advisors he recently appointed enter the Kingdom of Uenphae. They are held by one large bloom. King Alchean sits in the center of the floral head while its leaves hold each of the advisors on either side. They now enter the royal palace of the World of the Unseen. They two are able to witness the Five Springs, but their visit would hold additional meaning before their return to the kingdom-world of Neuphae, the Kingdom of the Seen. The trio hears the echoes of the unknown beings which first beckoned the prince and princess. The king and his company proceed to the main chambers of the Uenphaen palace. The large bloom raises the king towards the ceiling. Alchean reads the etchings and portraits until he encounters the five springs depicted. They appear to be enlivened. The bloom raises the advisors. They looked to the king for answers. The triad continue their journey and encounter the newly erected watering wall of the platform. King Alchean is aware of another opening behind the watershed parapet. He also knows that this is not meant for them to enter. They return to the entrance of the main chambers, where their flowery transport causes them to enter yet another portion of the veiled world. They discover the five springs first in a portrait in the ceiling of the palace of the hidden kingdom. Its thrones remain empty. King Alchean has the sword and inhabits a floral shroud and enters the Kingdom of Uenphae with his advisors. King Haiverlym and Queen Lidura direct the Neuphaen masses King Haiverlym and Queen Lidura direct the Neuphaen masses. The delegation of King Alchean and the two advisors encounter a great scroll which provides the answers the Dual Crown seeks. It contains the names of the Returned and where they are to be settled within the World of the Known. Alchean waits for further direction as waters which help guide them began to recede. He returns to the World of the Seen with sword and knowledge. They are directed to join King Haiverlym and Queen Lidura who remain amongst the Spared and the Returned. King Alchean awaits for the return of his daughter. Prince Rhyselīan and Princess Valera return to the Kingdom of Neuphae aboard their mystical bloom, the master of the blossoms. Valera's father passes the sword to the prince, the rightful holder. They are prepared to address the masses. A few days later they hosted a formal ceremony within the royal palace. Each member of the Crown began to hear the voices echoes from behind the Kingdom of the Known. The amalgamation would continue.

Patricia M. Muhammad © All rights reserved 2022-2023
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